Bacon Cheeseburger £12.5

Aged Dexter burger, Mayfield cheese with treacle cured bacon, homemade picked onion, Roadkill BBQ sauce, served with beef dripping fries

Steak £12.5

35-day dry aged Sirloin, Fillet or Rib-eye, served with beef dripping fries (cuts are subject to availability)

Steak Baguette £10

35-day aged rosemary marinated steak, served with watercress & roasted caramelised onions, English mustard, served on a British baguette with beef dripping fries

Steak Salad £10

35-day dry aged steak, served on a seasonal handpicked British salad


Patty £3

Feeling hungry add an extra burger

Bacon £2

Treacle cured bacon

Cheese £2

Alsop & Walker’s, Mayfield cheese

Slaw £2

Spicy crunchy slaw

Fries £3

Beef dripping fries

Sauce £2.5

Peppercorn sauce

Loaded BBQ Beef Dripping Fries £7

5hr Slow Roasted Beef, coated in Roadkill BBQ sauce, Beef Dripping Fries

Drinks £1

Childhood Classic Sodas